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[2020-06-15] Whisper vs Murmur vs Mumble

I’m Georgina from BBC Learning English.

Do you ever wonder about the differences between whisper, murmur, and mumble?

They are all use to describe different ways of speaking quietly.

Whisper means to speak quietly, often on purpose, so that only someone very close can hear what you are saying!

  • I don’t want everyone to hear! I’ll have to whisper.

  • I’ve got a secret to tell you. I’ll have to whisper it though.

Murmur means to speak quietly, often in a low continuous voice, so it’s hard to understand.

  • ‘I love you’ she murmured in her sleep!

  • I can’t hear what you are saying, stop murmuring!

Mumble means to speak quietly, often in a low voice, making it difficult to understand.

  • She’s always mumbling and complaining very quietly so I can’t hear! It drives me mad!

  • That was a really mumbled apology. I could hardly hear it!