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Add Friend Link in PaperMod Blog

PaperMod is a good hugo blog theme, but it did not support a friend link officially. So you need to do some simple customize. Full Code Put this shortcode into layouts/shortcodes/friends.html Usage Add your friends in data/friends.yml like this: - title: "伞" intro: "一只咸鱼的学习记录" link: "" image: "" - title: "HelloWorld的小博客" intro: "这里是一个小白的博客" link: "" image: ""

March 12, 2023 · Aimer Neige

Set Custom Fonts in PaperMod Site

Download fonts Download the fonts you need and put it into static/fonts Import your fonts @font-face { font-family: "LXGWWenKai-Regular"; src: url("/fonts/lxgw-wenkai/LXGWWenKai-Regular.ttf") format("truetype"); } Apply it in css body { font-family: LXGWWenKai-Regular; } Use in PaperMod Put your own css file in assets/css/extended/custom_fonts.css Import multi-weight fontfamily @font-face { font-family: "LXGWWenKai"; src: url("/fonts/lxgw-wenkai/LXGWWenKai-Light.ttf") format("truetype"); font-weight: lighter; font-style: normal; } @font-face { font-family: "LXGWWenKai"; src: url("/fonts/lxgw-wenkai/LXGWWenKai-Regular.ttf") format("truetype"); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; } @font-face { font-family: "LXGWWenKai"; src: url("/fonts/lxgw-wenkai/LXGWWenKai-Bold....

March 2, 2023 · Aimer Neige
Spotify Logo

Spotify Short Codes

Today, I accidentally found a good music from Spotify. I want to share it on my blog, so I try this awesome code. Bellow are the what it look like: Full code from j-un: Download this html file or copy the code, put it in layouts/shortcodes/spotify.html. Enjoy it!

March 1, 2023 · Aimer Neige